About Me

Hi! I’m Cheryl, a self-proclaimed lover of photography, coffee, being active, reading any book I can find on health and nutrition, and of course my family.


I live just north of Toronto, Canada where I spend my days playing monopoly with my kids (their favourite game, why?), photographing amazing people and events (you can view my photography website here ), and tackling the balance of motherhood, working full-time, and now training for my VERY FIRST 50km Ultra Marathon, say whaaatt? I foresee copious amounts of coffee over the next 26 weeks!

I’ve ran shorter distances in the past (I’ll do a blog post about those soon), although fell out of running for most of 2015 and all of 2016 when life took over and I lost focus on myself. I made big goals for 2017 and this Ultra is just one of them.

This blog is about my life, my struggles with accomplishing this goal, and perseverance. Thanks to my readers for coming along for the ride!

 *All images on this blog have been taken by me, unless otherwise stated*

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