Week 1/27 Recap & Monopoly

As a way for me to look to back and gauge how far I’ve come (or am presently going), I feel it apropos to document each week as a recap pertaining to the training schedule my coach has laid out for me.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I am attempting to run my first Ultra on September 9th/17 in the Haliburton Forest, and I am starting this training from “ground zero” if you will. I have only one goal in mind – no injuries. Well two goals I suppose, if you count completing the race as one. However, I know that if I can train and remain injury free, completing the course is very likely achievable.

So with that, here is a brief recap of Week 1.

  • Thursday, 3km run
  • Friday, 3km run
  • Sunday, 5km run

This week my only rest day is Monday. I will be alternating between 3km runs, muscular endurance training, and finally a 5km run on Sunday.

A couple of weeks ago my daughters were introduced to the life-changing game of Monopoly. I say “life changing” because since I purchased our very own game, we have played non-stop. Like any good parent, after continuously begging me to play with them, I finally give in at their 100th request (it is NOT my favourite game!), and park my butt down for 2 hour intervals of Community Chest cards, Passing Go and collecting $200, and sometimes if I’m lucky, landing on Free Parking and winning back all my Income Tax expenses. It forces me to rest and relax my body, which is just what I need to get through the next 26 weeks.

P.S. Did you know that the Iron piece has been retired and replaced by a Cat?

DSC00085 (2)



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